FATE Open Day in Perugia (Italy) Print

The Open Day for the presentation of the FATE Pilot Actions in Umbria will take place in Perugia, on Wednesday 7 December at 12 pm, in the Commercial Ceneter Gherlinda. The Open Day has been included as one of the projects to be illustrated to stakeholders and the general public within an innovative form of promotion of all Structural Funds projects by Region Umbria.
The presentation is a stand that tours the major commercial centers of the region in order to involve the widest possible number of people, citizens, public and private operators into the use, benefits and results of EU funds.
The event will see the participation of Region Umbria and Sviluppumbria in the presence of the President of the Region, Ms. Catiuscia Marini.

For further information: http://www.formazionelavoro.regione.umbria.it/mediacenter/FE/articoli/campagna-itinerante-sorridi-sei-in-europa-info-e-t.html