FATE joins the MED Programme's Capitalization Cluster on Sustainable urban models, urban design and economic development Print

The MED Programme started its capitalization exercise last year, by now it ended up to the phase of clusterization. This process is dedicated to produce valuable input for the programming of the next MED Programme and at the same time to serve the better elaboration of the next MED call on capitalization. In the beginning clusters were set in different thematic topics with the composition of MED projects. By today there are four clusters namely: 1) Web-based platforms for knowledge and technology transfers; 2) Sustainable urban models, urban design and economic development; 3) Governance and adaptation policies in costal Mediterranean zone; 4) Sustainable Ports, Transports and Accessibility. The capitalization with a special focus on the Western Balkan area has a strategic importance in case of all four clusters. In order to foster this issue interaction and involvement of projects form other relevant ETC programmes, such as the SEE Programme, have been foreseen.

In this perspctive, FATE project, with particularly significant results in the field of cooperation between EU and IPA partners, has been invited to join the cluster n. 2. This particular cluster focuses on sustainable strategies in urban areas with the following specific objectives: 1) To build up a system for supporting the decision making process 2) To exchange best practices and policy recommendations in the field of urban sustainability 3) To identify synergies with different European programmes and funds.