Negotiations on the Rehabilitaion of Former Military Brownfields Print

Heviz, 10.12.2009

Negotiations have been continued in Keszthely with regards to the rehabilitation of former military brownfields in different regions within the framework of an SEE project initiated by Italian partners.


Manuela Fischanger, representing Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, FATE Lead Partner, said that the 3-year project has been financed by the European Union by 2,2 million Euros. The main aim of the project is to measure the opportunities in each region. The 3 counties in the West-Transdanubian Region involved in the project in Hungary have 250,000 Euros to spend on these activities.

Dániel Magyar, managing director of Pannon Novum Nonprofit Ltd. has expressed that the project will disclose the opportunities of the Municipalities as owners of the brownfields of the region; it will measure the military brownfields in size and the needs of the entrepreneurs in the region.

The project will not only assist the Municipalities with information with regards to the costs of maintenance and preservation of the brownfields. Nevertheless, it also requires and gathers information from the Municipalities concerning their existing plans and concrete ideas regarding these areas.

The other hungarian participant of the FATE project is the Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion. Andr├ís Nagy, managing director stated that the results of the project will be available for the public on the projectÔÇÖs website. He also mentioned the plans for the Business Incubator and the related Laboratory for Research and Development in construction in Zalaegerszeg as an example.

To view the whole article in Hungarian: Volt honv├®ds├®gi ingatlanok hasznos├¡t├ís├ír├│l t├írgyaltak Keszthelyen

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