FATE closing conference in Bosnia Herzegovina Print

The final conference of FATE project took place in SERDA premises on the 13th of July 2012 with the main aim of disseminating project results, presenting researches realized in the frame of the project and disseminating the final outputs ÔÇô measures and the necessary steps for conversion of military brown-fields.

The conference was organized for local communities, institutes, ministries and other relevant institutions; project managers presented FATE goals and achievements, while external experts focused on non - perspective military objects as potential for economic growth. Also, representative of Hadŝići Municipality presented municipal potentials (three military objects) and future plans for their conversion.

The project brochure has also been presented (you find it published in this website). It contains an overview of non perspective military objects, their importance for economic development, the main steps (methodology) for the possible transfer of disposal/ownership from central to local level, which will be useful for local communities and other relevant institutions (ministries, institutes, private investors etc). Also, the brochure contains an appendix concerning ÔÇ£Non-perspective object as potential of region (practical examples)ÔÇØ.