Interregional Conference ÔÇ£Explore the Way Old Military Brown Fields Can be of Entrepreneurial UseÔÇØ Print

On 25th June 2010 Kavala Municipality hold an Interregional Conference focused on exploring the procedure to turn old military Brownfields in spaces for entrepreneurial activities, taking as a starting point the direct experience of Pleven Municipality military brown-fields about local property and procedural models as a tool to manage negotiation/acquisition process from central to local authorities.
The event foresaw the participation of the Mayor of Pleven Municipality (Bulgaria) and it was addressed to the staff and employees of the Municipality who participate with their work contribution in the implementation of FATE project.
The conference was divided in 2 different analysis sections: identification and evaluation of case studies about the restructuring process of military brown-fields in the Municipality of Pleven; identification and evaluation of the best practices at the local level in Greece and Bulgaria.

Starting from the experience of Pleven Municipality as required in WP4.2. it has been taken in exam the models used to acquire military brown-fields.
The event was structured as a workshop andaddressed to the staff and employees of the Municipality who participate with their work contribution in the implementation of FATE project.

Kavala Municipality has started the activities on WP4 which foresees an integrated approach to the process ÔÇ£from army to entrepreneurshipÔÇØ by an high vertical cooperation in order to provide regional and local administrations with useful tools and measures to manage the entire process of conversion.
The project FATE had included in the partnership Gotze Delcheve Municipality from the neighboring Bulgaria. Kavala Municipality worked very close with the Bulgarian colleagues and gained a lot of experience from the Bulgarian since in Gotze Delchev there is an old military brown field that was transferred to the municipality. Unfortunately, the Gotze Delcheve municipality has withdrawn from the project, therefore Kavala Municipality decided to have the support and assistance of another municipality in Bulgaria, the Municipality of Pleven which have a relevant experience in the transfer of military brown fields as municipal property and uses these camps as entrepreneurial centers.Since the consideration of results from previous projects and the analysis of other case studies that have highlighted the critical points/factors of restructuring process, provide useful examples on policies to improve entrepreneurship.

WP4 requires actions to outline policy measures to promote entrepreneurship, to attract FDI, to implement efficient Business Incubator and Business Support Centers and to manage the property transfer of military brown-fields from the central to the local authorities are expected. This phase of the project is very important for Kavala Municipality that reached once again the neighboring Bulgaria to capitalize from its experience and learn from the steps it has taken.

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